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Are You Wondering Why Your Car Shakes When Braking?

Mechanic Working On Brakes


If you are starting to notice that your vehicle is quivering when you stop or as you are braking, there are a variety of issues that could be presenting themselves. As you drive around Providence, RI, do you feel shaking in your steering wheel or brake pedal? This could be caused by issues with your brake rotors, tires, or suspension system. Keep reading to learn from the MINI of Warwick service team to answer the common search: Why does my car shake when braking?

Warped Brake Rotors

The dominating reason for a shaking vehicle is warped or damaged brake rotors. The brake rotors work simultaneously with brake pads to stop your wheels. Over time, they naturally wear down, getting thinner and thinner through daily factors like water, heat, and just braking. When the brake rotors get thinner, the heat that is generated from braking can cause them to warp, which leads to slippage of the brake pads. The slipping is what causes the shaking you feel as you brake.

Generally, you should replace your brake rotors every 70,000 miles, but this may need to be done sooner depending on the climate in Cranston, RI and your driving habits. Stop by MINI of Warwick for brake service to ensure you have all the stopping power you need.

You Need to Service Your Tires

If you notice your car shakes when braking downhill, it could mean that your tires are old or are out of alignment. If this is the case, your suspension is working harder than normal to keep your vehicle balanced. If you accidentally hit a pothole in Newport, RI, this can shift your alignment, and often you’ll feel this shift in your steering wheel.

During your routine tire rotation, which should occur roughly every 5,000 to 7,500 miles, your alignment should be checked. You can explore your vehicle’s owners manual to explore the best times to service your tires.

Issues With Steering & Suspension

If your car shakes when braking or even during regular driving, this may be a sign that you have steering or suspension system issues. In some cases, if you have a damaged part, you may find that you have issues when you are coming to a stop.

During your routine maintenance with MINI of Warwick, if you are having your oil changed and tires rotated, you should also request a general inspection. If you are wondering “Why does my car shake when braking?”, then you should definitely inform our experts and have us check all of the vital systems of your vehicle. If there is an issue, our team can help you address it.

How to Fix a Shaking Car

There are a slew of reasons your car shakes when braking downhill or coming to a stoplight, and to resolve the issue, it’s important to have an expert mechanic inspect your vehicle. All of the systems we discuss above are crucial for driving around Newport, RI as safely as possible. If you are suspecting that your vehicle is having issues, book an appointment ASAP!

Contact Our Service Team to Learn More!

If you still have questions about your vehicle trembling, you can contact us at any time! Our experts at MINI of Warwick in Warwick are happy to answer any questions you may have about your vehicle. Check out our service specials to learn how you can save money before you come in! Contact us today!

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