Discover the MINI Cooper Warning Lights Meanings

Dashboard Warning Lights

Have you noticed a MINI Cooper yellow engine warning light during your Providence, RI travels? What about a red warning light? Your MINI Cooper warning light symbols are color-coded to help you troubleshoot before you head to the service department. Take a look at the most common warning signs you might notice on your travels, and be sure to schedule your service to get your issues resolved by our talented technicians.

Red MINI Cooper Warning Lights Meanings

If you notice a red warning light on your Cranston, RI commute, this could indicate a safety alert or a braking issue.

  • Approach Control Warning: This means you are too close to the car ahead of you, which could lead to a potential collision.
  • Person Warning: This means the safety systems have detected a pedestrian crossing, which means you need to brake.
  • Brake System: When your brakes need attention, your brake system will display a red warning light that indicates you need immediate service.
  • Parking Brake: If your parking brake is engaged, your MINI will show a red light that disappears once the brake is released.

Orange MINI Cooper Warning Lights Meanings

MINI Cooper warning lights symbols are usually connected to the safety and driver assist features, including:

  • Active Cruise Control: When you set your preferred distance level, orange bars will illuminate to indicate your choice.
  • Vehicle Detection: If a car appears ahead of you on the road, your Active Cruise Control System will illuminate an orange light. If it flashes, your system may need inspection.

Yellow MINI Cooper Warning Lights Meanings

Yellow warning lights are associated with everything from maintenance to service needs, so don’t hesitate to reach out to our service department for assistance.

  • Steering System: A yellow light could mean that your steering system is malfunctioning.
  • Anti-Lock Braking System: If you have an alert from your ABS, avoid braking too suddenly because you might not have the braking power that you expect.
  • Engine Light: The MINI Cooper Yellow engine warning light means your emission system needs attention. If there is engine misfiring, the light will flash instead.
  • Tire Pressure Monitor: A yellow light will turn on when you have one or more tires with low pressure. If the light starts flashing, you might need to reset the system.

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