What Is the Difference Between AWD and 4WD?

MINI Countryman Tire and Wheel
Are you considering a new MINI Cooper equipped with all-wheel drive? When you compare AWD vs. 4WD in snow, you’ll find that the MINI ALL4 All-Wheel Drive System delivers superior handling on Providence, RI-area roads. Learn more in this all-wheel drive vs. 4-wheel drive comparison from MINI of Warwick, then contact us to schedule a test drive of a MINI Cooper ALL4 model today!



Is AWD the Same as 4WD?

Comparing AWD vs. 4WD in snow, ice, and rain shows that both will boost traction and control. However, there are some key differences between the two that you should take note of. Take a look at how AWD and 4WD work to get a better idea of which will best serve your Cranston, RI driving needs.

What Is AWD?

  • All-wheel drive is a type of drivetrain that directs torque from the engine to all four wheels.
  • Full-time all-wheel drive is always engaged, whereas part-time AWD systems monitor road conditions and driving behavior to send torque to all wheels only as necessary, in turn promoting efficiency.
  • AWD systems are typically found on vehicles with unibody frames.

What is 4WD?

  • 4-wheel drive is a traditional 4×4 drivetrain.
  • 4WD systems send power to the front and rear axles, as well as direct specific amounts of power between left and right wheels.
  • 4WD is typically preferred for off-roading and on truck-based frames.

Which is Better: AWD or 4WD?

So, when comparing all-wheel drive vs. 4-wheel drive the ultimate question is which is better?

It really depends on your priorities and how you plan to use your vehicle. All-wheel drive is ideal for enhanced traction in all kinds of Newport, RI weather and road conditions, while 4-wheel drive is optimal if you plan on adventuring off-road.

MINI Cooper ALL4 All-Wheel Drive

The MINI Cooper ALL4 All-Wheel Drive System is designed to give you all the control you need no matter what the weather or road conditions may be. Available on MINI Cooper Clubman and MINI Cooper Countryman models, ALL4 can detect when there is a loss of traction and will redistribute power as needed between the front and rear axles. Comparing AWD vs. 4WD in snow, ice, and rain shows that both drivetrains can provide the traction you need, but with ALL4 the system automatically adjusts to give you the traction required to keep you in control. When all-wheel drive is not needed, ALL4 will switch to rear-wheel drive, which will help you maintain better fuel efficiency when cruising Warwick streets.

Check Out the MINI Cooper ALL4 Models at MINI of Warwick

The benefits of all-wheel drive vs. four-wheel drive are similar, and which is right for you depends on your preferences and driving needs. If you are intrigued by what the ALL4 System has to offer, come on down to our Warwick dealership to get behind the wheel of one of our AWD MINI Cooper models. Meanwhile, make sure to explore our new vehicle specials to get the best deal possible on a new MINI Cooper today!


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