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How Are Electric Cars in Cold Weather?

White Mini Electric Car

MINI has gone electric and with the unique design of a MINI Cooper and the innovation of a MINI electric vehicle, we know you’re probably interested in upgrading to an EV for your Providence, RI adventures. While there are plenty of benefits to choosing an electric vehicle, there are also some nuances you’ll want to consider, especially if you plan on driving it during the winter around Cranston, RI.



So, how are electric vehicles in cold weather? Electric vehicles provide plenty of perks but lower temperatures are something you’ll want to keep an eye on as it can affect your EV’s range and charging. Learn all about the details of owning an electric car in a cold climate today with MINI of Warwick! Take a look at some questions we’ll touch on:

  • How are electric cars in the winter?
  • Do electric cars lose charge when parked?
  • What should you do when you own an electric car in the cold weather?

Do Electric Cars Lose Charge When Parked?

If you plan on going on a vacation and you you’re leaving your vehicle parked in Newport, RI, you may want to plan ahead. Do electric cars lose charge when parked? Yes, electric vehicles can lose their charge when they’re parked.

Whether you’re leaving your electric vehicle in the cold weather or temperatures are higher outside, letting your vehicle sit over time could reduce its range. The rate of charge you lose may vary depending on several factors but it’s a good idea to plan ahead if you’re leaving your vehicle parked for a long time.

What Should You Do When You Own an Electric Car in a Cold Climate?

There are plenty of perks to owning an electric car in a cold climate. One of those perks is you won’t have to wait for your engine to warm up. Additionally, your EV can likely provide heat to warm your cabin almost instantly because there’s no engine to warm up. With that being said, owning an electric car in the winter does come with some nuances so here’s what you should do:

  • Save Up Your Charge: Generally, an EV can use around 15% to 20% of its charging capacity to ensure the battery is properly heated. Make sure you keep this in mind when you’re driving in the winter.
  • Find Heated Parking: When possible, find a covered and heated parking garage so your EV won’t have to work as hard to warm up. Otherwise, look for parking in the sun so that your vehicle stays as warm as possible.
  • Use Your Heat Sparingly: It’s important to keep your cabin warm and comfortable when you’re driving. However, try to use your heat sparingly as to not use up too much energy that could otherwise be used for your vehicle’s driving range.
  • Stay Plugged In: When possible, keep your vehicle on a charger if you know temperatures are dropping.
  • Plan Ahead: Many modern EVs feature the ability to help you plan your drives with charging stations on your way. However, if you’re driving long distances during colder weather and your vehicle doesn’t have that capability, make sure you plan ahead.

MINI of Warwick Can Help You With Owning an Electric Car in the Winter

Are you looking for more tips with owning an EV in the winter? We’ve got you covered at our Warwick dealer. Let us know if you need help with ensuring you’re prepared for the cold weather in your EV!


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