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Automakers all over the world and in the United States are moving towards an electrified future. By 2030, in just a few short years, you’ll see many more elective vehicles on the road and many more public charging stations to handle the extra capacity. You’ll see lower refueling costs and lower maintenance costs, and possibly federal tax incentives when you put an EV in your %target_city_1%% garage.



There are plenty of terms you’ll hear thrown around when looking to buy an electric vehicle. You’ll need to know the differences between BEV and PHEV as you conduct your search for a new vehicle that uses electricity as part of the powertrain.

Find out more about BEV vs. PHEV vehicles with our handy guide.

What Is a BEV?

BEV means “battery electric vehicle,” and this type of vehicle runs entirely on electricity. This is the term used interchangeably with EV. A BEV uses several, sometimes dozens of, linked lithium-ion batteries as a power source to turn a motor. The battery pack typically sits on the bottom of the vehicle underneath the cabin.

Some BEVs have one, two, or three motors. A BEV with one motor typically turns one axle, either the front or back one for FWD or RWD. With two motors, you’ll get a BEV that has power to all four wheels. Three motors mean extra horsepower and torque to the wheels.

In the PHEV vs. BEV debate, BEVs get more range, usually anywhere between 200 and 300 miles, before you need a recharge. Extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures can cause the EV range to be reduced considerably.

What Is a PHEV?

PHEV stands for “plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.” This type of vehicle runs on both electricity and gasoline as a hybrid. Unlike standard hybrids, you can run the vehicle on battery power for a time. You’ll typically get anywhere from 25 to 50 miles before the gasoline engine kicks in to finish the rest of the journey until you can find a charging station or get home.

PHEV powertrains work well for people in the city who want to save money on gasoline for commuting. For example, if you live within 20 miles of your daily commute in Cranston, RI, you can use all-electric power to get to and from work with a range of 50 miles. When driving along the highway on longer trips, the gasoline engine kicks in after the battery empties itself of power. Even with a PHEV, you’ll get fantastic gas mileage and reduced refueling costs. Expect to get as much as 50 to 60 mpge (miles per gallon equivalent) with a PHEV.

Recharging Batteries on a BEV and PHEV

You can recharge the batteries on both a BEV and PHEV. Although the BEV uses a lot more power, the batteries are bigger, and it takes longer to recharge fully. A PHEV has a much smaller battery and takes less time to recharge.

Which Do You Prefer in the PHEV vs. BEV Debate?

Have you determined which electric vehicle is better in the BEV vs. PHEV debate? Contact us or call (877) 361-3387 to schedule a test drive with our team in Warwick. Connect with our finance center and apply for financing to jumpstart the car-buying process in Newport, RI. We’re happy to help in any way we can!


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