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What Is a Lease Buyout?

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Considering a car lease buyout? It can be a smart choice for some, depending on the circumstances. What is a lease buyout? It is when you choose to purchase a vehicle before or at the end of its lease term. If you are considering a MINI Cooper lease buyout near Cranston, RI or Newport, RI, the finance team at MINI of Warwick can help you navigate the process and determine if a car lease buyout is right for you. Learn more about your options below, and reach out if you have any questions.

How Does a Lease Buyout Work?

So, how does a lease buyout work? First of all, there are two car lease buyout options available: a lease-end buyout requires you to pay or finance what the vehicle is worth at the end of your lease term, while an early lease buyout allows you to buy your vehicle before your lease contract ends. It is important to note that not all contracts permit an early lease buyout, so make sure to read the fine print before you sign the lease. 

Why Opt for a Lease-End Buyout?

  • You know the condition and history of the vehicle, having driven it since it was brand-new.
  • You loved driving the vehicle, and there have been few if any, repairs throughout the lease agreement.
  • You want to move away from the leasing process and go for ownership.
  • You can secure a solid interest rate to finance the buyout price.

Why Opt for an Early Lease Buyout?

  • You’ve determined that it’s worth the long-term investment to buy instead of lease (price calculated by lease-end residual value, amount still owed on the lease, and rate of depreciation).
  • You’re concerned about lease penalties like mileage limits, maintenance, or interior or exterior damages.

Get Auto Finance Advice and Tips from MINI of Warwick

Wondering how to negotiate a lease buyout? Would you like to know more about taking over a lease? The team at MINI of Warwick can fill you in on all of your options. Whether you wish to take advantage of a MINI Cooper lease buyout or just want to return your leased car, you’ll find that the process is easy at our dealership near Providence, RI. Please reach out if you have any questions or would like more information.

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