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Can I Return a Leased Car with Damage?

Insurance Agent Examining Car After Accident

Yes, returning a leased car with damage is possible, but it will cost you. Any damage to a leased car above and beyond normal wear and tear will need to be taken care of. Your lease agreement will have specifics on penalties or fees, but most often you will be required to pay to repair damages to the vehicle. Learn more about returning a leased car with damage and what happens when you damage a leased car in this guide from the finance team at MINI of Warwick.

What Kind of Damage to a Leased Car Will I Be Responsible For?

When returning a leased car at the end of your lease term, the staff in our Lease Return Center near Providence, RI will conduct an inspection. Here are a few of the things they will check:

  • Tires: If the tires on your leased car have less than an eighth of an inch of tread, you will most likely be required to pay for a new set of tires. You will either have to purchase them on your own or pay the dealer directly for the cost.
  • Bumper: If the front or rear bumper is damaged, you will need to visit a body shop to have it repaired. Note that bumper repair may be covered by your insurance.
  • Wheels: You will be responsible for the replacement of curbed or otherwise damaged wheels. 
  • Scratches: It’s not unusual to have some scratches on a leased car over time, and minor scratches will not typically incur any additional charges. 
  • Dents: If the vehicle has a dent that is smaller than a quarter and requires no paint, it should be fine to return it as-is. If the dent is larger and there is paint damage, you need to get it fixed.
  • Glass: Any cracked or chipped glass needs to be fixed before returning your leased car. If you don’t repair glass damage, the dealership will tack on an additional charge. 

What Happens When You Damage a Leased Car?

The lease agreement will have information on the restrictions and penalties regarding the condition of the vehicle. It is a good idea to review the service and maintenance clauses in your lease agreement, as some minor repairs are covered under the contract. If you are returning a leased car with damage, you should take the following steps:

  • Contact your insurance company to find out what damages are covered under your policy. 
  • Make sure that only OEM replacement parts are used when the vehicle is repaired. Aftermarket parts could void the agreement and wind up costing you when returning the car. 
  • Get a pre-inspection for the leased vehicle you are about to return. This will give you an idea of the cost of repairs that the dealership may have you pay for.
  • Negotiate repairs with the dealership if possible. 

Learn More About Your Lease Return Options at MINI of Warwick

Whether you are returning a leased car with damage, are interested in buying your current leased vehicle, or wish to return the vehicle early, the team at MINI of Warwick is here to help. If you are looking to lease a new MINI Cooper, make sure to check out our new vehicle specials to find some of the best deals in the Cranston, RI and Newport, RI area. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.


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